Explore car BMW 7 series 2020

This BMW Series 7 expresses our views through elegance and modernity. We consider technical improvement and high quality to every detail as important as the emotional language and comfortable interior space. During the design process, we work on the idea of ​​’Poetry of Technology’ – feel about the perfect interaction between advanced technology and design changes. – Karim Habib, Director of BMW automotive design shared.
Dynamic styling, refined contours and meticulously sculpted surfaces: The BMW 7 Series shows BMW’s most distinctive and elegant design features. Whether its front end, extended body, or strong rear end, the BMW 7 Series is magnificent from every angle.
At the front of the car, the most prominent is the frame of the large grille, wide and vertical, giving the BMW Series 7 a dynamic and always looking forward to the future. The air intakes below are divided into three, extending along the entire front fender, giving the car a majestic appearance and distinctive style. The car is equipped with standard LED technology, the bulbs inside the smart LED headlight system are connected to the oval grille through a horizontal border.
Elegant body
In the body, the soft downward curve of the hood creates an especially elegant physique. The chrome window border perfectly matches the typical bend angle of the 3rd window. The side ribs are seamless with the door handle that runs from the front lights to the rear lights, forming two precise lines. The narrow space between these two roads looks like a continuous strip of light, formed by the interaction between light and shadow on the side of the car, highlighting both the length and body height of the BMW 7 Series.
The sedan’s well-proportioned and low center of gravity is emphasized by a chrome metal trim, extending from the Air vents along the entire lower body.
The rear possesses a strong design
The layout of the rear part highlights the design and majesty of the BMW 7 Series. A chrome bar runs in the cross-section of the rear to form a strong, seamless connection between the systems. lights. For the first time, the L-shaped lamp cluster combined with the crystal shape design, gives the rear light system a very impressive appearance. The exhaust pipes are surrounded by a prominent chrome frame.
The perfect combination of wide wheel and wheel cavity lowers the center of the car, creating a unique look for the BMW 7 Series even from the back.
Smart Grille
A unique design detail that stands out at the top of the BMW Series 7 is the Smart Grille. The ventilation slots combine with an eye-catching chrome bar and actively regulate airflow. If the engine needs cooling, the vents will open. In the closed state, the air vents contribute to improved aerodynamics and create a striking appearance thanks to the vertical chrome bars.
Smart Display Key
The BMW display key provides various information about the vehicle’s status and allows control of selective functions via the integrated touchscreen. The date and time can be displayed, along with the remaining fuel and current range, service announcements, as well as the current status of the central locking system, the windows and the sunroof. The BMW display key can be charged wirelessly, or with the included USB cable.
No matter where you sit in the BMW Series 7, you can feel the space extremely comfortable, luxurious and modern looking to the future. A unique masterpiece through a combination of materials, lighting, designs, colors and advanced technology to accompany those who are active, want to control everything – even as a are passengers or with direct drivers.
The BMW 7 Series pushes the typical BMW driving pleasure to the highest level, bringing complete joy to the passengers. Passengers in the luxurious rear seats enjoy a comfortable, spacious space. While the active chassis technology of the Executive Drive Pro option offers an endless comfort and dynamic driving experience in all situations, Ambient lighting design features and advanced comfort and entertainment functions. The location ensures every journey always relaxing and comfortable.
Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Sound System
The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond stereo system (optional) provides excellent studio-quality sound in the car. The speaker placement has been carefully selected to ensure that drivers and passengers always enjoy the best sound quality, regardless of the position of the vehicle. Sixteen speakers with a total output of 1,400 watts will deliver an enchanting sound experience.
Innovative speaker material creates the perfect balance between sound quality and vehicle weight. The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond stereo tweeter set is made from pure synthetic diamonds. This extremely light and extremely durable material is the ideal choice for generating high frequency signals. Other highlights include NautilusTM technology that deflects sound radiation from behind the dome, enabling three-dimensional sound creation, as well as two mid-range speakers with Kevlar® technology and two center woofers with Rohacell® technology.
Stunning stainless steel speakers with exclusive Fibonacci trimming lines. When the system is turned on, the speakers will be subtly illuminated, indirectly emphasizing the system’s superior sound quality.
Executive Lounge
It’s hard to find a place to relax more comfortably than in the Executive Lounge (optional) of a BMW 7 Series while driving on the road. The Executive Lounge provides maximum comfort for the rear seat passengers with the front passenger through a range of adjustment options, an optional massage function in combination with the Vitality Program and a seat. The feet are especially comfortable.
In addition, the front passenger seats can be pushed to the front with electric control and the backrest is also folded forward for maximum leg room for rear passengers. A folding table and optional Rear-seat entertainment Experience equips the rear seat of the BMW 7 Series into a great relaxing place.

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